The Committee is the executive body of the association and is organized horizontally. The current internal policy allows each member to acquire the skills to work responsibly and dynamically. For this reason, the committee members are all interim chairmen. For the time being, the committee is made up of volunteers and active members of the association. Supporting members can also be part of the committee.


The Committee shall have the following tasks and powers

(a) direct and supervise the management and finances of Visarte-Ticino;
(b) define the objectives and establish the strategies of the association;
(b) decide on the use of ordinary or extraordinary financial means in accordance with the objectives of the association;
(d) represent Visarte-Ticino vis-à-vis third parties, with the power to delegate to the secretariat;
e) has the right to sign legally binding in the name of the association with a collective signature of two of which one must be the president;
(f) appoint the members of the Secretary, define their recruitment criteria and fees, define their duties, monitor their work and regulate their signing rights;
(g) determine any remuneration for the members of the Committee, the members of the committees and the delegates;
(h) in accordance with these Statutes, convene and conduct ordinary or extraordinary meetings.


Members of the Committee

The committee of Visarte-Ticino is composed of 4 active members. The skills of each member are gradually profiling. Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions, remarks, proposals, adhesions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Donati Tommaso (membro di comitato ad interim)
Via Ariosto, 6
6900 Lugano
t +41 (0)78 639 50 14



Fieni Matteo
Via Cattedrale, 13
6900 Lugano
t +41 (0)76 558 50 88



Filippini Cosimo
Via Violetta, 19
6976 Lugano
t +41 (0)76 818 23 65



Weber Yvonne
Via Orelli 5
6612 Ascona
t +41 (0)76 540 54 22